Max Tales Mysteries

Max Tales Mysteries

Book One: Puppy Ciao [51,030 word manuscript] Middle Grade Fiction

Thirteen-year-old Jeannie McKay vows to find the person responsible for trying to drown two purebred puppies in Turtle Creek, near her west Texas home. Jeannie and a friend adopt the two puppies. She names her new best friend Max. Three others join forces with Jeannie to solve the mystery. As the kids get closer to finding the answers needed to crack the case, the more danger they encounter. Despite warnings from her family and friends, Jeannie and Max continue their investigation. A frightening confrontation leaves her wondering if saving puppies is worth risking her life over. She must learn to trust God to deliver her from the evil surrounding her.

Book Two: No Bones About It (Work in Progress) [Not Under Contract]

A mission trip to plant a church in New Mexico leads to trouble with local Native Americans

Books Three - Six: [Not Under Contract]

Short synopsis’ available upon request