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Golden Retriever – The Waterfowl Dog

Men have been hunting wild game since…well forever. And as long as man has hunted, he’s had a faithful companion by his side. The best friend of a waterfowl hunter is the Golden Retriever.

It was during the late 1800’s that Lord Tweedmouth of the Scottish Highlands realized his need for a dog gentle enough in spirit to hunt by his side for wild fowl. From that humble desire, the Golden Retriever was born.

The Golden first came to America in the 1920’s and was first AKC registered in 1925. According to, a Golden’s temperament should be, “friendly, reliable and trustworthy. Quarrelsomeness or hostility towards other dogs or people in normal situations, or an unwarranted show of timidity or nervousness, is not in keeping with the Golden Retriever character….”

Golden Retrievers are one of the top ten favorite dogs in the U.S. It’s easy to understand why, considering the Golden’s beauty, playfulness, loyalty, cleverness and he’s kid friendly too. They are so easily trained, Goldens are often used as bomb and drug sniffing dogs. They also make good service dogs for the disabled and are often used on human rescue missions.

Goldens are born water dogs and are one of the top contenders in dock jumping competitions. Dock jumping is a sport where the master throws a toy out into a body of water and his dog jumps into the water to retrieve it. The farther the dog jumps, the better his score.

There is a verse in 1 Samuel where King Achish of Gath speaks to David: “As surely as the Lord lives, you have been reliable, and I would be pleased to have you serve with me in the army. From the day you came to me until today, I have found no fault in you.”  1 Samuel 29:6

When I first read this verse I was touched by the way the king lovingly spoke to David. It made me think of how a seasoned hunter might feel about his beloved companion. As they embark on a final journey, his faithful old Golden Retriever by his side. The hunter, pleased to have served with his dog all these years pats him on the head and says; “I have found no fault in you, boy.”

Are you a Golden Retriever parent? Tell us about your experience with this faithful, loving, waterfowl Dog.